Pre‑K Model Cohort Classrooms

In 2023, Forsyth County Commissioners and The City of Winston-Salem approved over $4M of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant funds to support increased quality standards in a model cohort of 32 Pre-K classrooms representative of the Pre-K landscape across Forsyth County.

The selected model cohort classrooms will provide special supports for teachers and families, as well as enhance the quality of learning for children in the model cohort classrooms. The initiative will impact over 500 students and approximately 64 teachers in the 2023–24 school year.

ARPA grant funds for the Pre-K Model Cohort Classrooms are being administered by Smart Start of Forsyth County and will be distributed to partner organizations including Family Services of Forsyth County, Child Care Resource Center, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, Hispanic League, Forsyth Futures, and Prismatic Services.

Support for Classrooms

ARPA funding will support teachers, families, and children in the 32 model cohort classrooms by providing:

  • Coaching support and resources
  • Retention bonuses for teachers
  • Salary equity for teachers
  • Tuition support/scholarship opportunities and stipends
  • Family engagement through advocates and specialists
  • Professional development
  • Translation services
  • Equity focus within the Pre-K system
  • Integrated data system

“With this model cohort of classrooms, we’re developing the roadmap to an accessible, equitable, high-quality Pre-K system for Forsyth County.”

–Leslie Mullinix
Project Dirctor of The Pre-K Priority

Cohort Classrooms

Center Name
Cohort Type
Washington Park - Family Services
Head Start
Mineral Springs - Family Services Head Start
Sarah Y. Austin - Family Services Head Start
The Heights - Family Services Head Start
Childcare Network #299-Reynolda NC Pre-K
Bethlehem Community Center NC Pre-K
Childcare Network #164 - Lewisville NC Pre-K
First Baptist Child Development Center NC Pre-K2
Quality Education Institute, Inc. NC Pre-K
North Point Academy Private
TLC Daycare & Learning Academy Private
Church Childcare Plus Private
Oak Summit Learning Academy Private
Lollipop Stop Child Development Center Private
Carver Road Educational Center Private
Maxx Kinder Kollege Private
The Potter's House for Children Private
Victoria's Academy Private
Old Town Elementary School WS/FCS
Rural Hall Elementary School WS/FCS
Union Cross Elementary School WS/FCS
Ward Elementary School WS/FCS
Konnoak Elementary School WS/FCS
Petree Elementary School WS/FCS
North Hills Elementary School WS/FCS

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ARPA Programmatic Services Overview

See details about how ARPA grant funding will support services for teachers, families, and children in the 32 Pre-K model cohort classrooms.